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The Lost City of Colombia

Shawn // 23rd January

Discover the lost city of Colombia – Ciudad Perdida

If you’re looking to add a great chapter to your book of adventures, you must include the lost city of Colombia. Ciudad Perdida was rediscovered in 1972 by a group of local treasure hunters. These looters found a series of stone steps that lead up a mountain pass and eventually to an abandon ancient Pre-Colombian city. The looters found among the ruins many gold statues and items. Some years later, these Pre-Colombian items started showing up in different black markets around the world. A team from the Instituto Colombiano de Antropologia was able to tell the artifacts were from the northern region of Colombia. In 1976 a team from ICA discovered the site themselves and started conducting an archeological investigation and preservation of the site, which was completed in 1986. It became well known during the excavation that local tribes knew of the site for centuries but kept it a secret from the modern world. The local tribes called the lost city Teyuna and said that it was once the center of a network of villages of up to 8,000 people and inhabited by their ancestors the Tairona. It was determined that the lost city was abandoned during the Spanish Conquest of Colombia in the 1500s.

The lost city consists of 169 terraces, tiled roads, and small circular plazas all carved into the mountainside. To access the city, you must trek through dense jungle, cross rivers, tackle steep ascents and descents, and climb up 1,200 ancient stone steps over 26 miles. If you are ready for the challenge to reach the lost city, FFX Adventures is there to assist and guide you along the way!

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