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Deposits, Paying in Full & Final Payment

If a tour is booked over 100 days out, a nonrefundable $200 per person deposit is required to secure a space on a tour. This deposit is valid for up to one year to use on another tour with FFX Adventures. If you cancel, the final remaining balance is due at 100 days out from the start of the tour. If you cancel your tour at or over 100 days, out the final remaining balance will be refunded.

If a tour is booked between 100-70 days out, the tours, the full balance which includes the $200 per person per tour nonrefundable deposit will have to be paid at the time of booking. If you cancel between 100-70 days, there is a cancelation refund based on the following:

If you book a tour between 69-21 days out from the start of the tour, FFX Adventures will have to check on availability with our local  suppliers. If availability is available and the client would like to book a space on the tour, the client will have to pay the full final balance of the tour at that time which will include the $200 per person per tour deposit in the final balance.

Bookings between 69-21 days out are not refundable.

Some tours are guaranteed, and other tours are not guaranteed until they meet a minimum amount of bookings. If a tour that is not guaranteed does not meet the minimum amount of bookings at 70 days out, the tour will be called off. All clients will receive a full refund of the $200 deposit per person and the full balance.

Cancelation by the Client

You may cancel your booking with FFX Adventures by emailing us at info@ffxadventures.com. FFX Adventures requires all cancelations to be sent via email. Cancelations fees, if any, will be determined with reference to the date on which notice of cancelation is received by FFX Adventures.

Please familiarize yourself with the cancelations policy below.

100+ days out from the start of the tour the client will receive 100% of the final full balance of the tour back minus the $200 per person per tour deposit.

99-90 days out from the start of the tour the client will receive 75% of the final full balance of the tour back minus the $200 per person per tour deposit.

89-80 days out from the start of the tour the client will receive 50% of the final full balance of the tour back minus the $200 per person per tour deposit.

79-70 days out from the start of the tour the client will receive 25% of the final full balance of the tour back minus the $200 per person per tour deposit.

69-0 days out from the start of the tour the client will receive 0% of the final full balance of the tour back including the $200 per person per tour deposit.

For certain products or services, FFX Adventures might have alternative cancelations terms that may apply. We will advise you of any such requirements before confirmation of the booking.

Traveling Alone

Traveling alone is more than ok. We know a lot of companies charge a single supplement fee for single travelers joining a group. We have always thought this to be unfair.  At FFX Adventures, we offer a special option for solo travelers. If you are a single traveler joining a group, we offer room pairing. This option allows a single traveler to be paired up with another single traveler of the same sex to share a room. Thus, the single traveler does not have to pay an additional supplement fee.

If the single traveler would like their own room, we can arrange that as well for the price of the supplement fee. In addition, we, also, offer options for solo travelers not wanting to join a group but would rather travel independently. Please note the following details based on our booking contract.

If no roommate is available, a single supplement is due with your final payment which we must receive no later than 100 days before departure.

For certain products or services, Furthest Frontiers might have alternative cancellation terms that may apply. We will advise you of any such requirements before confirmation of the booking.

Can I add an extra night?

Yes, Furthest Frontiers Expeditions can arrange accommodations, additional activities, extensions and transfers before or after a group trip.

Can I make changes to my group itinerary?

Please make sure that you are happy with the itinerary you have chosen. We are unable to change the group itinerary for individual travelers. However, if you or a group of friends would like to create a custom itinerary, we can personally design a tailor-made trip just for you or your group.

Can I just do part of a trip?

You can opt to sign off the trip if you need to leave early. If you let us know before the trip starts that you will be arriving late or will be leaving early, we will notify your group leader and do our best to accommodate your requirements. Please note that we will not be able to reimburse you for any portion of the trip unused.

Travel Visas

Travel visas are required in certain countries depending on your nationality. We are not able to arrange visas on your behalf. We recommend visiting the US State Department for further information at https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/international-travel/International-Travel-Country-Information-Pages.html or feel free to contact FFX Adventures by phone or email at info@ffxadventures.com Please note that obtaining certain visas can take an extended time. It is best to secure your visas as far out from your trip departure as possible to avoid higher fees. If you are trying to obtain a visa and the departure date is less than a month away, you might want to seek assistance from a visa agency. Please note these agencies will charge an additional cost. FFX Adventures can provide a list of agencies that handle expediated visa requests.

Travel Insurance 

You must have travel insurance with a minimum medical, evacuation and repatriation coverage of at least USD $200,000 covering all applicable dates of travel with FFX Adventures. This insurance must cover personal injury and emergency medical expenses. On the first day of your tour, your tour leader will verify that you have sufficient insurance in place. You are strongly recommended to extend your coverage to include cancellation, curtailment, and all other expenses that may arise as a result of the loss, damage, injury, delay or inconvenience while traveling. FFX Adventures does not sell travel insurance directly, but we can provide a list of travel insurance providers. You may, also, want to check the United States Department of State list of insurance providers for overseas coverage at https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/international-travel/before-you-go/your-health-abroad/insurance-providers-overseas.html

International Airfare

Travelers traveling with FFX Adventures arrive from all over the world to start their adventure with us. With that being said, it is not possible for us to handle international airfare. We do have a partner that is excellent in obtaining flights because that is all they do. If you are looking for a convenient way of booking flights, check out our partners at AirTreks for the best flights to get you on your adventure. Please check out their link on each trip page or feel free to give them a call at 1-415-977-7171.

Medical Information

Our tour, adventure and expedition travels can take you to very remote areas where limited or no sophisticated medical facilities exist. A medical emergency situation is extremely unlikely. Our tours, adventures and expeditions are intended for travelers in reasonably good health along with that of their fellow travelers.

The medical information you provide to FFX Adventures will be held in the utmost strictest confidence to evaluate fitness for travel. Please note that this may include transmitting your information overseas to any countries to which you may be visiting or to a FFX Adventures supplier or local partner but only as required. The collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information are governed by the FFX Adventures Privacy Policy.

Everyone who has made a booking with Furthest Frontiers Expeditions must complete the liability wavier and the Confidential Medical Certification and Release at least 70 days before departure. If you book a trip between 70 to 21 days before departure, we will need this form, as soon as possible. The medical wavier and the confidential medical certification and release is sent via email when a booking is made. These documents are also available on our site.

What is the age restriction to go on a FFX Adventure?

FFX Adventures are exclusively offered for travelers in their thirties and forties, unless otherwise indicated in the Tour description. You must meet the minimum age of 30 and the maximum age of 49 to participate in a group tour operated by FFX.  Private travel and bespoke adventures are available for all travelers.

Travel Vaccinations

Certain vaccinations (and proof of those vaccinations) are required by some countries on entry or return to your home country. Please check with your doctor about what travel vaccinations you might need, or you can check with the Center for Disease Control at

It is recommended that travel vaccinations are administered, at least four weeks before departure, so they are fully effective when you travel. FFX Adventures cannot provide medical advice.

Special Dietary

FFX Adventures will try our very best to accommodate all dietary requirements. Please note that in some of the destinations we visit it may be very difficult to arrange special dietary meals. Please let us know any food requirements or allergies at the time of booking. We will forward this information to your group leader.

Physicality of the Trips

FFX Adventures has a broad range of trips that focus on both multisport activities and culturally enriching experiences. We provide a physical rating for each of our adventures. You can find out more about these ratings on each trip icon tab and on each trip page.  Please contact us for any questions.

Injury on trip

Our tour leaders are trained to deal with these situations and to get you the help you need as quickly as possible. If you must leave a trip early due to illness, our regional supplier will help you find appropriate medical care and ensure that someone at home is aware of the situation. Your travel insurance which is mandatory on all FFX Adventures should cover any cost incurred if illness or injury occurs.


It is not recommended to drink the water in some of the destinations where we travel. You can find country-specific information on our trip notes documents.


Besides putting together great adventure trips and all of the key components for making your travels with us hassle free and full of excitement and fun, no area is greater looked upon than the safety of our groups. FFX Adventures studies the local areas that we travel to and keep up-to-date on the current regional situations. FFX Adventures, along with our regional suppliers, have a detailed risk management protocol where we identify potential problems and avoid them. If an unlikely event where to occur, pre-established action plans are in place to deal with incidents. For the latest information on security, please check out the United States State Department Travel Warning and Alerts at https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/traveladvisories.html/

Safety of Belongings

We take precautions to make sure your belongings are safe. Travel insurance is mandatory, and a money belt is recommended. Please make copies of your passport. We recommend that you scan it, and email it to yourself to have a spare copy available if lost or stolen.

Accommodation Check-In

Check-in time can vary from hotel to hotel. Most of the time check-in is between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. If you arrive earlier, you will be able to store your luggage at the hotel and have a few hours to explore. Please note that depending on the trip and your arrival time, FFX Adventures may have arranged to have a room available upon your arrival.

Starting Location Check-In

You can find this information in your Trip Notes which is available on each trip page.

Sleeping Bags for Multi-day Trekking and / or Camping Out

For trips that consist of multi-day trekking and/or camping out, sleeping bags are required. On certain FFX Adventures, sleeping pads and sleeping bags are provided on these trips for your convenience. Please note that we do not supply pillows with the complimentary sleeping bags. Feel free to bring your own sleeping pad, sleeping bag, and pillow.

How many people are on a group trip?

At FFX Adventures, we like to keep our groups small. Most groups average between eight to twelve travelers. We have set a limit on most trips to have no more than 16 travelers. By keeping the group size small, this allows us to make our way through local communities with ease, as well as, providing the ability to get acquainted with your new travel companions and soon to be friends.

Who will lead my trip?

FFX Adventures has well-trained English-speaking guides that are local nationals of the country in which your trip will take place. These guides undergo extensive training and licensing and are considered experts in the regions where they lead tours.

Gender Balance

When it comes to gender, we find that most trips 60/40 female to male.

What Happens During Free Time?

Free time is when you have time on your own or with new friends you have made while on group trips. This time gives you the opportunity to venture off and explore. Depending on the location, you have many options to choose from. You can do whatever you choose during your free time. Your tour leader will always be able to provide you with recommendations.

Can I find out who is in my group before departure?

For privacy concerns, we cannot share information about fellow travelers. On most trips, the ratio of solo travelers to couples is about 70:30 with most of our clients from the United States.

Airport Transfers

FFX Adventures does provide airport transfers included on most trips. For trips that we do not provide transfers, you can simply call our office to receive quotes and arrange transfers. We recommend contacting our office at least 55 days out and providing your arrival and departure flight information.


We recommend that you travel with a rucksack or duffel bag because of the easy ability to carry it. You will be required to carry your luggage. This might sometimes be upstairs and on and off the transport. Please look at your trips travel notes to find more specific information on luggage recommendations for your trip and what clothing, gear and equipment is suggested to bring.

Luggage Limits

Packing the right clothing and gear for your trip is essential. We have put together a recommended clothing and gear list for every trip we run. You can find this gear list as part of the Trip Notes section located on every trip page.

Excess Luggage

Most starting point hotels can store your excess luggage for you. This is at your own risk and expense. A nominal fee is often charged by the hotel to store your luggage. In addition, this would only be an advantage if the trip you are on is returning to the starting location.

Late Arrival at start of trip

If you know in advance that you will be arriving late, please let our sales staff know. We will notify your tour leader. The tour leader will leave instructions with the hotel reception as to where to meet your group that night or the next morning.

If you plan to arrive a day or two into the itinerary and the group has moved to a different destination, it will be your responsibility to catch up with the group. We will provide you with up-to-date information as to where your group will be and at what time.

If you arrive late due to unforeseen circumstances or flight delays, please call the emergency contact number located in the Trip Notes. FFX Adventures cannot reimburse you for any portion of the trip that is unused. However, on most occasions, unused time can be claimed on your travel insurance.


In the trips notes, you can find a section on spending money. This will give you an idea of a budget. It is a good idea to travel with a credit card and an ATM card. Traveler checks are not common practice anymore. Make sure to have a couple of options to assure that you are covered if one does not work. Visa and MasterCard are the most widely accepted cards. We recommend avoiding using American Express due to the fact that many places will not accept it.


For most of our trips, you can find that we have provided a clothing, gear and equipment list in your Trip Notes. For trekking trips, hiking boots are recommended. If the physical rating is under three, sneakers/tennis shoes should be adequate. Please research the climate and weather before packing so you may pack accordingly.

Essential Documents

It is very important that you travel with your current passport, visa, travel insurance and a copy of your trip notes.

Opting out on activities

You can choose what activities you would like to participate in and what not. Please note if you choose to opt out of an included activity, no reimbursement can be made by FFX Adventures.


Hotels and public facilities will have Wi-Fi so it is possible to keep in touch. In remote places or on treks, you will not be able to communicate often. It’s always recommended to get a phone card and to make sure your phone is unlocked or set to international mode.

Mobile Phones

Depending on the destination and the coverage it will vary. Most phones will work, but it is a good idea to talk to your phone provider about global roaming before you leave.


We recommend that you bring a travel adapter with you. At most places, you will be able to recharge appliances.


Tipping is expected in most places. Your tour leader will be able to give you advice on local customs. At the end of your trip, if you are satisfied with the service you received, providing a tip for your tour leader is not compulsory but appreciated. It is a nice gesture to tip the local people who have taken care of you while you travel.

Trip Notes

You can find detailed information about your trip in the Trip Notes document. This document is located on each trip page.

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