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Featured Tour Leaders

Featured Tour Leaders

A tour leader is the person that we entrust to bring zeal to an unknown land. Their primary task is to make us fall head over heels in love with a destination, the sights, the sounds, and the people that bring a new destination to life.

You don’t need hours of trivial, regurgitated information, you don’t wish to be talked at as if you’re on a school science excursion, you want to embark on a journey. An odyssey to discover that which you won’t find in a Google search. You want to feel like a local, privy to secrets. A valuable guide will leave you yearning to return to this new cherished destination in the future!

Meet some of our featured tour leaders.

Indra Hang Subba, Bhutan

I always say the scenery of Bhutan is like a painting. It’s a landscape you might imagine from a picture book – many people say it’s like a mini Switzerland!

Bhutan is a very special country – we are still very traditional in lots of ways and this is something really unique for visitors to enjoy. As a guide, I really love to be able to explain our culture and traditions to my travelers and unravel the mysteries of Bhutan for them.

One of my favorite experiences in Bhutan is watching an archery match. That’s right, Bhutan is not just about visiting temples! Archery is actually our national sport. Watching an archery match is not only entertaining from sporting point of view, but a good opportunity to see traditional Bhutanese dress and witness our dance performance as well.

I’ve been a tour leader since 2014 and I feel very lucky to do something for work that is also my passion. I’m always very interested to hear why my customers have chosen Bhutan for their vacation and I will try and tailor the trip to their interests as much as possible. I look forward to welcoming you to Bhutan soon!

Vera Soares, Portugal

Five years ago I was holidaying in Morocco when I met a local man in Marrakech who worked as a tour leader. We got into a conversation about his job and it just sounded like a dream – this was the adventurous life I’d been looking for! Now I am lucky enough to travel for work too and I absolutely love it.

My job is all about making extraordinary experiences happen for my travellers. For me, it is such a pleasure to be able to help people immerse themselves in a different culture. When I see them looking excited and happy, I really feel like a superhero.

Many people expect Portugal to be basically the same as Spain but in fact we have our own strong cultural identity. Not only is Portuguese architecture and food different to Spain, but the landscape too! My number one recommendation to visitors is to not come to Portugal on a diet – we have so many delicious things to eat, particularly when it comes to sweets – custard tarts are just the beginning. I also think the town of Coimbra is a must-do. Spending the day wandering its labyrinth of streets, listening to traditional fado music, is the epitome of what it is to travel in Portugal.

Natthaphol Oumnoi, Thailand

My favorite thing about tour leading is having no set office: the forests, rivers and seas are my office. I love that there’s always something different in this job and you get to think on your feet, even though you will visit the same places many times, it never feels routine.

I’ve been tour leading for nearly seven years. Initially I wanted this job so I’d be able to travel myself and see how other people live in Thailand. However, now I also am strongly motivated by wanting to teach visitors about Thailand and impart my real local knowledge to them – information they can’t get from a guidebook! People generally come to Thailand for the beaches and the temples, but they’re often surprised by just how unique our customs are.

I would really recommend visitors to Thailand try and see as much of the country as they can because there’s so much variety between the provinces, especially when it comes to food! Luckily if you travel with Furthest Frontiers, you’ll be able to experience many different areas of Thailand, tasting local dishes and interacting with local people along the way.

Gundega Liepina, Latvia

I am a passionate traveller and have travelled to over 40 countries and lived in 8, so I am very well-qualified when I tell you that Latvia is a great place to visit! The Baltic countries in general are not as well-known as say the countries of Western Europe, but they should be.

Visitors might be surprised by how much Russian is still spoken on the streets in Latvia – especially when visiting our Central Market, which is one the oldest and biggest food markets in Europe. Speaking of food markets, while you’re there you should really try some dumplings, a local speciality. Outside of Riga, my recommendation would be to visit a small village in western Latvia called Alsunga, which is the home of traditional Latvian folk song singing. In Alsunga you can also participate in a tea ceremony where native herbs are brought in from the fields and brewed in front of you.

I love being a tour leader so much it’s difficult to pinpoint what my favorite thing is. Top of the list though has to be the never-ending learning opportunities – about my own country, but also about other people. Everyone is unique and I always enjoy getting to know my passengers and finding out our shared interests.

Diana Jarandilla, Peru

In my seven years as a tour leader I’ve had the incredible opportunity to meet hundreds of people from all over the world: not just to meet them but to travel with them and to share unforgettable moments and experiences together.

Peru is a magical country: Machu Picchu is of course known around the world, but we also have rich traditions in gastronomy, in textiles and in performance, such as dance. People might come here to see the Inca ruins, but there’s so much more to discover as well. For example, many visitors might not realise that you can explore the Amazon Rainforest. I would recommend going to the Amazon to everyone, it’s a beautiful and peaceful place that allows you to connect with life.

For me, I love this job because I get to show off Peru to visitors, who I think of as my guests. I might be biased but I feel very strongly that travelling with a local guide is the best way to get to know a new country. Not only will you learn much more about Peru than you would on your own, but all the logistics are taken care of – which means you just get to relax and enjoy!

Tolga Kinas, Turkey

I’ve been working as in the tourism industry for a long time – for twenty years, in fact, ten of which have been a tour guide. I consider myself the best brand ambassador for Turkey – I absolutely love my country and I want my travellers to love it too. It’s an amazing experience to share my knowledge of Turkey with visitors.

There are so many great things to do in Turkey I couldn’t possibly just recommend one thing. You absolutely must-see Cappadocia, preferably via a hot-air balloon ride. Wandering the streets of Istanbul is also a great experience, as is seeing the ruins of Ephesus. I’m a big history buff and love to visit in ancient sites such as Pergamum – I’m lucky that Turkey is so rich in archaeological places.

Turkish people are friendly and helpful, and pride themselves on their hospitality. Turkish food is delicious and we have a very strong food culture. For example, people might be surprised to learn that yogurt was invented in Turkey!

Travelling with FFX Adventures to Turkey means you’ll get a local’s perspective on the country and learn so much more than you could on your own. I look forward to teaching you all about Turkey!

Parbati Joshi, Nepal

The best part of tour leading is seeing our customers experience the beauty of Nepal and the hospitality of Nepalese people. By the time the tour finishes, we have truly bonded with each other and become like family.

I’ve been working as a tour leader for five years. I love travelling, but most of all I love meeting new people and sharing ideas. I’m always interested to hear what they think about Nepal and of course to learn about their country, as well.

Although challenging, I never get sick of the trek to Everest Base Camp – I can’t recommend this journey highly enough. The scenery is just unbelievably stunning and your first glimpse of the highest mountain in the world is a very special moment. As well as incredible views, the trek also gives you the experience of Sherpa culture and traditions.

Jónas Ingi Þórunnarson, Iceland

If I had to recommend just one activity to do in Iceland, I would say a glacier hike. You have to wear crampons for this which is something most people have never done before, and this experience combined with the breathtaking scenery is often a highlight of my customers’ trips.

In the summer of 2017 I did a big trip around Iceland, sleeping in a tent the whole way and travelling for over a month. I really fell in love with my own country and immediately enrolled in tour guide school afterwards to obtain my licence. Now I get to travel Iceland for work so it worked out pretty well! I also love meeting new people and hearing about their lives.

In addition to glaciers we have some other amazing natural landscapes such as lava fields and waterfalls, and of course geothermal pools for bathing. It really is a unique country and people often comment that they feel as if they’re on another planet. Travelling with Furthest Frontiers really means that not only will you see the famous sites such as Gullfoss waterfall, but lots of off-the-beaten-track place too.

Khalid Ingrioui, Morocco

I’ve been working as a guide for over ten years now. For me, the best part is getting to meet people from all sorts of cultural and social backgrounds. I feel very lucky to have made so many friends around the world through this job.

I take my role as a tour leader very seriously. It’s a fun job but I always remember that you, the customer, have saved a lot of money and taken time out to take the trip, so I always give 100 %. I want your trip with me to be the highlight of your year!

I always find that travelers are surprised by the diversity in Morocco: both amongst its people and its landscapes. People associate Morocco with the desert, but we have mountains and a spectacular coastline, too.

However, my number one recommendation for visitors to Morocco isn’t to see a particular attraction, but rather a simple experience: drinking mint tea with local people. You can’t get more authentic that that.

Taking a FFX Adventure trip means your visit to Morocco will be full of these kinds of authentic experiences. I look forward to welcoming you to my country.

Sotheavy Phan, Cambodia

I’m passionate about tour leading because not only do I get to show my lovely country off to the world and meet new people while doing it, but I learn something new every day as well. It’s quite unusual to see a female tour leader in Cambodia, so I’m very proud to have this career, and prove that women can do this job just as well as men!

You can’t visit Cambodia and miss seeing Angkor Wat. It’s a very famous attraction, but what most people don’t realise is just how big the site there – you definitely need a whole day to explore but even then, you won’t see everything. In addition to awe-inspiring temples Cambodia is rich in nature, culture and history so there’s really something for everyone. Cambodians are very friendly people too, and enjoy meeting visitors.

Travelling with me on a Furthest Frontiers trip means you’ll have lots of interaction with the local people, whether that’s through taking a cooking class or cycling through the countryside surrounding Siem Reap. You’ll experience a sense of freedom and adventure, while being able to relax knowing we’ve taken care of all the travel arrangements.

Nhi Pham, Vietnam

I started out in the travel industry working as a local guide in Vietnam’s largest city, Ho Chi Minh City. I then became a tour leader in 2016. My favourite part of my job is being able to create new and exciting experiences for my groups – whether that’s admiring a beautiful landscape or enjoying a meal with a local family, there is so much to see and do in my country.

Tour leading is a challenging yet rewarding career that I absolutely love. I always tell visitors to Vietnam to try as much of the food as they can – I think that our local specialities say so much about our culture, geography and history. I also make sure to facilitate lots of interaction with local people – the Vietnamese are very easy-going and open-hearted, and often that’s what my groups like about Vietnam the most.

A tour with FFX Adventures is a great way to see Vietnam as not only can you see a lot in a short time (and trust me, there is a lot to see!) but with me you’re getting a local’s perspective and expertise as well, which you can’t get on your own.

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