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What is a Unique Destination?

Shawn // 17th January

I often get asked questions like what is the next great destination or hot travel experience. I guess it depends on what type of experience you are looking for. I have been to, designed, and operated tours from Abkhazia to Zimbabwe, and most of them in between, and I will tell you an exciting place that is not that far or difficult to get to. Here is a destination that offers an up-close experience to the wilds of nature. The active volcanic island of Stromboli off Sicily is a wow experience. It erupts often, and at night it is crazy to see the red hot lava shoot into the sky. At the same time, I think what’s even crazier that it’s in Europe and not some Pacific Island or Indonesia. It’s best to be out on a boat a few miles offshore to really see the action! I recommend it if you find yourself in southern Italy.


Shawn Mollerus
FFX Adventures


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