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What is Adventure Travel?

Shawn // 17th January

I sometimes get asked what adventure travel is. I guess the answer is a little different for everyone. For me, it’s about really going off the so-called beaten path. I look for destinations that are often quite far away and somewhat remote. I like going to a place where there are no other tourists around. I like interacting with untouched culture. I tend to feel like I’m a great explorer from long ago, making contact with a new world. I like experiencing the thrill of crawling through ancient sites and learning why they were built and who once lived there. I have always had a fascination with what makes a culture a culture.

Recently I have become interested in exotic food. Not crazy stuff like eating bugs in Cambodia. Even though Cambodia is one of my favorite countries. I think a super great way to make friends abroad and interact with locals is by eating local. You may have the opportunity to comment on the food and ask how it is made and what is the ingredients. I have often found myself starting with this conversation and end up befriending people abroad.

Homestays are probably one of the best ways to really feel as if you are one of the locals. I have had the opportunity to stay in a few in South America and Asia. It’s not for everybody, and that is more than fine. Most homestays are very rustic. You might end up sleeping on a primitive type of mat on a dirt floor in a stone hut. I often think why not if just for one night. It is something you will talk about with your friends for a long time.

I would say the other key thing for me when it comes to adventure travel is having some sport such as rafting, kayaking, trekking, or mountain biking to go along with the adventure. Take the fun to the next level in a location where you must bring your gear. This always adds to the excitement of what is around the next corner or across the next valley.

This is what adventure travel is for me. It might be different for you. At FFX Adventures, we have a ton of personal experience in the industry, even though we are a newer company. We will be offering many different options to satisfy anyone’s style of adventure travel. From active sport-focused adventure trips, to exotic culture touring, to wellness and discovery escapes, to authentic culinary experiences abroad and my favorite real expeditions that are rigorous and challenging.

FFX Adventures is adding weekly new experiences for every style of adventure travel. We also, in addition to our group and private trips, have create tailored adventures that are customized just for you and your friends. Reach out to us, and let’s talk adventure!


Shawn Mollerus
FFX Adventures


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